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Understanding Money to Avoid Worries

The book ‘Understanding Money to Avoid Worries’ is a lighthearted comic recommendation from many experts because it is essential for every family.
‘Understanding Money to Avoid Worries’
‘Understanding Money to Avoid Worries’ is a comic book highly praised by experts. Photo: Le Kien / Tuoi Tre

The book ‘Understanding Money to Avoid Worries’ is a lighthearted comic recommendation from many experts because it is essential for every family.

It offers financial knowledge in an engaging manner, aiding readers in sidestepping common money pitfalls.

Released by Kim Dong Publishing House in December 2023, the book, authored by Le Thi Thuy Sen and illustrated by Thang Fly, delivers money lessons through a multitude of stories, using modern insights, lively visuals, and simple language.

‘Financial prescriptions’ for wise money management

The storyline revolves around the family of a boy named Tin Dung, whose parents are Kim Ngan and Tiet Kiem, with the guidance of ‘financial doctor’ Tien Huyen.

In the first story of Chapter I, Tin Dung's questions ‘What is money? How do you make money?’ are addressed during a meeting with Dr. Tien Huyen and his mother.

Dr. Tien Huyen explains, "Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

In essence, money requires hard work.

Tin Dung learns that his mother earns money through her job.

“The harder she works, the more money she earns," the doctor expounds.

Tin Dung observes the dedication and diligence of his parents and grandparents, gradually gaining appreciation for the material comforts they provide.

In another story, his cousin refrains from requesting new shoes after witnessing his mother return home late at night with soaked boots in the pouring rain.

Author Thuy Sen illustrates the concept with educational imagery, emphasizing that everyone must invest ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ to earn money.

The book recounts Tin Dung's journey from childhood to becoming a scholarship recipient studying abroad.

Along the way, he not only grasps the importance of money but also learns the significance of giving back to the community.

All this is portrayed through stories of Tin Dung joining sanitation workers to clean up trash around Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi on New Year's Eve, and participating in a financial literacy contest at the village communal house, where he helps people steer clear of 'black credit' traps.

The ‘financial prescriptions’ of Dr. Tien Huyen help readers learn how to manage money wisely. Photo: Le Kien / Tuoi Tre
The ‘financial prescriptions’ of Dr. Tien Huyen help readers learn how to manage money wisely. Photo: Le Kien / Tuoi Tre
Many modern concepts and terms related to money and credit, such as digital currency, virtual currency, foreign exchange, inflation, deflation, interest rates, exchange rates, bonds, stocks, improper financial behaviors, ways to spot counterfeit banknotes, and the operations of banks are simplified and become easy to understand through daily life stories and images in the comic book.

Readers have many chances to immerse themselves in a series of sayings and proverbs quoted in the book, such as ‘The die is cast,’ ‘Waste not, want not,’ ‘Save money for a rainy day,’ ‘Travel broadens the mind,’ and more.

‘Understanding Money to Avoid Worries’ was written while the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) was concerned about providing basic financial and credit information and knowledge to every citizen.

Nowadays, many people have lost money or fallen into financial traps due to their lack of such basic financial knowledge.

The Communications Department of the SBV initiated collaborative projects with both domestic and foreign experts to produce financial literacy books.

Despite their efforts, the content and language of these books failed to convince publishers, resulting in the shelving of these projects.

Thuy Sen incorporated her personal life experiences into the book, drawing inspiration from the purpose and mission of her work to motivate her writing.

"Working in the banking sector, I have been witness to many people falling into dire straits, losing money and even their homes owing to a lack of financial knowledge. The content of this comic book is their own story,” Thuy Sen shared.

Indeed, financial freedom for each individual is not just making a lot of money, but also requires intelligence, awareness of value, and emotions.

The good and bad sides of money depend on how it is used, so to control money, one must control oneself.

Who is Le Thi Thuy Sen?

Le Thi Thuy Sen is a Vietnamese author who has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of finance, banking, communications, and deposit insurance.

She is currently the head of the Communications Department of the State Bank of Vietnam and a member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Women's Union.

She also serves as an advisor for the television programs 'Tiền khéo tiền khôn' on VTV3 and 'Tay hòm chìa khóa' on VTV1.

Author Le Thi Thuy Sen. Photo: Nguyen Khanh / Tuoi Tre
Author Le Thi Thuy Sen. Photo: Nguyen Khanh / Tuoi Tre
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