Thursday, 18/04/2024

Letter from General secretary

To Mr/Ms Chairmen & Chairwomen of the Board of Directors/Board of Membership Organization, and General Directors/Directors of membership organizations of the Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA).

First of all, on behalf of the VNBA’s leaders and all staff of VNBA’s Standing Committee, I would like to express my sincerest regard to all members for their companionship, support, and contributions to the activities of the Association all this time.

The support and trust for VNBA are our source of motivation to strive harder and perform better to meet the expectations of our members.

Over nearly 30 years of establishment and development, VNBA has gradually solidified its role, position, and prestige. It has been actively contributing to the development of the banking industry in general and accompanying, giving patronage and support to our members in particular. We always consider the prosperity of our members to be our goal and success.

Being presented with opportunities along with difficulties and challenges of banking activities and of each member in the coming time, the recent 7th Congress of the Banking Association has identified key objectives and missions to innovate in the direction of improving quality and operational efficiency, supporting each member, demonstrating higher responsibility in protecting the legitimate rights and benefits of members and promoting the VNBA’s activities via communication channels such as VNBA portal (, Monetary and Financial Market Review ( to strengthen the Association.

We stand our trust and look forward to receiving further attention, support, sharing, and close cooperation from our members so that the VNBA can better perform and promote its role and responsibility.

Best regards.


Vice Chairman - General Secretary